MicroStation Tip: It’s All in the Details

V4N3 February, 2012

Using MicroStation’s Reference Detail Scale feature

MicroStation V8i has a new reference feature called Detail Scale that makes placing details at different scales on the same sheet easier than ever. The key to using this new feature is setting the Annotation Scale in both the detail model and the sheet model. When you reference the detail to the sheet, it compares the two Annotation Scale factors and computes the Master:Ref scale automatically.

1. In the detail design model(s), create saved views for all of your details

Saved View DialogNote: As an alternative, you can also create Named Fences for your details. If your detail is the only graphic in the model, you can skip this step.

2. In the detail design model’s Model Properties dialog, set the Annotation Scale.

Model Properties

3. Create the sheet model and set the Annotation Scale in the sheet model’s Model Properties dialog. In this example, the detail (design model) and the sheet model annotation scale are the same, but they don’t have to be. Note: You are not required to use sheet models. You can also use design models.

Model Dialog4. Place the border in the sheet file at the appropriate scale. Note: If the sheet will also contain plan graphics that are referenced coincident and clipped, do that first before placing the border.

Empty Border5. Interactively reference the first detail (the saved view, named fence or standard view.)

Attach Reference Dialog

6. In the Reference Attachment settings, set the Detail Scale for the scale you want to show the detail on the sheet. MicroStation will automatically calculate the Master:Ref scale.

Reference Dialgo7. If necessary, bring in additional details at the desired scales.

Detail Scale notedFinal Detail Sheet8. When plotting, set the sheet’s plot scale to match its annotation scale. The details will measure according to their detail scale on the plotted sheet.

Print Dialog

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