InRoads Tip: Annotating Elevations on Profiles

March, 2011

Existing and Proposed where you want them

A lot of clients require existing and proposed elevations to be annotated on profiles at each grid line. Perhaps you’ve discovered that Bentley’s default is set up to show the annotation, but it also leaves behind an annoying box for each option below the grid as well as a title.


Thankfully there’s an easy way to create a more efficient preference.

  • Create your profile as normal.
  • Select Evaluation > Profile > Annotate Profile.
  • On the Selection leaf, choose None if any available items are already selected.
  • Highlight Existing and Proposed and choose Add.

  • On the left, choose Existing and set the Position to Above Left.

  • Select the box as shown to open the Text Symbology dialog.

  • Set the options as desired, paying close attention to the Justification and the Offsets. Now, the offsets are from the intersection of the major tick and the bottom axis, so for existing we use positive vertical and negative horizontal offsets.

  • Choose OK when done.
  • Repeat the process for the Proposed. In this case, the position is set to Above Right, the Justification is set to Left Top and the vertical and horizontal offsets are both positive.
  • Apply and the profile is annotated without the unwanted boxes and titles.

  • Don’t forget to Save the preference for use later.

This is but one example of the many tips you’ll learn in one of CAD Productivity’s training classes!

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