MicroStation Tip: Measuring in 3D

V3N17 October, 2011

One of the main complaints about working in 3D has been the lack of a good way to feel confident your planar measurements are correct. At times, you want a true 3D measurement between points of different elevations, but often you want a horizontal measurement instead. Now, you can easily have both.

In a 3D file, choose the Measure command and set the desired Method.

Make certain the ACS Plane Snap lock is off.

In the About field, choose Global Z to see the coordinates and deltas for the Z axis as well as X and Y. If you’re measuring in a view that is not rotated, the View Z option will return the same measurements, but will not return the true Z elevations. You also have options of using the Z plane as defined by the ACS or AccuDraw.

Identify the points between which to measure.

The Projected measurement will show the horizontal distance between the points while the True measurement shows the sloped distance.

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